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Is My Gay Showing?

Is My Gay Showing?.





Big bad alpha wolf Dean. Very invasive important data sheet to match Castiel’s.
Bit of Dean’s backstory: When he became an adult he had three choices: fight John for the position of Alpha, leave the pack or submitt to John. He chose the third option. Only when Sam came of age and was given the same three options, did Dean decide to leave the pack to become Sam’s alpha (because he didn’t want Sam to be all on his own, especially as Sam is not a natural alpha like Dean.)
And invasive information on Dean’s ruts: Ruts don’t happen often, but they’re quite bad to deal with, especially if they get triggered by Castiel’s heat. ;D  I’m actually not sure about Dean’s sex life before Castiel… 
P.S. Sorry that you need to be a prophet of the Lord to read my crappy handwriting. *lol*

For all their love of fancy clothes, maybe these two just like being naked best.

Anonymous asked you: 
Could you show us how lamb!cas undresses for Dean? [you mentioned it in the ‘dressing up for dean' reply] ;P 
(Linked the pic in question!)
Sorry that this didn’t turn out as sexy as it could have.
Perky nipples, Cas. … I feel it’s too early in the week to be a pervert.

Snowdrops ♥
Lamb!Cas with giant snowdrops to cheer myself up.

"Please, please, please, please. I have to go home."
Good night~

I was asked about it, so here we go: non-chibi wolf!Dean to go with the pic of non-chibi lamb!Cas~
Many people probably think wolf!Dean is too pretty to be a big bad alpha wolf. But his alpha qualities should not be overlooked~ Alpha!Dean ♥
Because 26 is a good age, let’s say he’s 26. So the age gap between him and Castiel is somewhere between 6 and 10 years.

Anonymous asked you: 
I don’t know if you’ve been asked this or not, but how come in your lamb!Cas AU some people have two sets of ears and others don’t? 
Actually, it was mostly a question of design… Almost everyone has two sets of ears. It just fit with most of the pasture creatures to replace human ears with animal ones.
(And looking at the example pic, the option I chose looks best. Right?)
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